Oh to clean our dirty planet, now there’s a noble wish, and I’m puttin’ my shoulder to the wheel ’cause I wanna catch some fish.
- Greg Brown

I am a multipassionate, burgeoning quantitative ecologist committed to conserving our natural resources. I hope to eventually develop a multi-faceted research program combining experimental research in the lab and field with collaborative quantitative ecology research.

My research students will be able to fulfill their own research aspirations while gaining experience in writing, data management and analysis, and field and laboratory best practices.

I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher and a new mom. As such, I have become quite passionate about mentoring early career women in science. Let's shatter those glass ceilings and make our mark!

When I'm not sciencing or momming, I also dabble in art and design, enjoy playing board games and anything outdoors, and cooking with local, seasonal food. Take your time exploring my website to learn more about me.

Photo Credit: Susie Brekke